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.png file sent through email. Includes transparent art, .png including a sticker outline, and a phone background/profile picture. Can be any animal. I will only draw in the pictured style - my art is not realistic. You will receive 4 versions (one with a sticker outline, one without, one with a stylized background and one with a white background.). You get a preview before download!

any additional pets will be drawn both separate and together with the other pet.


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Any additional pets?

How many photos am I drawing?

Use the upload button to submit the car/truck/pet/person being drawn, then add to cart! (If you have trouble uploading, don't worry, I'll reach out to you.)

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How many drawings & stickers do I get by default?

You are automatically purchasing one image to be drawn and made into whatever quantity of stickers you order. If you'd like multiple photos drawn, add the item to cart that many times.

How long to ship?

Each item is hand made one by one! The goal is two weeks for production time once you approve the design, but it may take up to 3 or 4. Fresheners are up to a 3 month wait.

Will I see a preview before printing?

Yes! You will be emailed with the preview before printing. You are given the option to make adjustments as well!