What makes me different from other sticker shops or artists?

I draw your cars, trucks, pets and yourselves. I can draw any car/truck/person/plane/boat as long as I have a good enough photo that shows the whole car/truck with no edges cropped out. This includes Jeeps semitrucks, cruiselines, and ambulances, by the way.

You get an art preview before the item is even sent to you! You will have the option to change details on the design up to 4 times.

I hand make all of my items except for my air fresheners, who I have an experienced manufacturer who also hand makes them.

I save your art! So you can always order from me in the future at a discounted price using the previously ordered art.

When you purchase from me, you are paying the premium for an artist you can work with forever! I offer exceptional customer service and will do whatever I can to make sure you get something of quality, and sentimental value. I can make changes to your artwork as recently as the day after your first preview is sent, to years later if you change your vehicle wrap, add aftermarket parts, etc. to reorder in the future.

My wait time can be long, so please take caution when ordering on close deadlines. Every item is hand drawn one by one, and I have almost 100 orders on my list at any given time. Even so, I strive to have an under two week wait time for your art previews.

I look forward to working with you! <3 It's nice to meet you!

About me

My name is Tally. I'm 25, from Southern California. I've been drawing since I could first hold a pencil, and I knew I'd always be an artist. I was taught business skills throughout my childhood, and art skills along the way, though I am completely self taught. I started making custom drawn stickers at 14 years old, and never really stopped. Technically, this business is almost 10 years old, but I used to operate under the name SpaceFluffStickers until 2020. I got into cars at 16, and drew my dream car build. From there, I posted it to my personal Instagram, and got a few DM's asking for me to draw others' cars! I realized I already was making custom stickers, so I put all of my spare time into creating my existing sticker shop, and changed it to Cartooned Car Club. Here we are! Two years later, doing this full time. 

To date, I've drawn over 3,000 cars. 

It's nice to meet ya! I look forward to working with you and seeing what you've got for me to draw.